Types Of Facial Treatments Nowadays!

microdermabrasion facial

The skincare treatment can be referred to as facial treatment. These treatments are provided for general as well as specific skin problems. One of the most popular treatments for the inner as well as the outer layer of the skin is microdermabrasion facial treatment. The outer layer of skin is known as the epidermis while the inner or deeper layer is known as the dermis.

Types of Facial Treatment:

The microdermabrasion facial treatment consists of basic two types. These types provide a similar benefit but the process of both the microdermabrasion is quite different, discussed below.


The crystal microdermabrasion facial treatment is also called microcrystal set abrasion.

In this type of microdermabrasion facial treatment superfine crystals are sent to the microdermabrasion facial machine using a tube from the receptors to the wand. The wand is used to spray the crystal on the face of the customer. These crystals are not reused. Because after the procedure these crystals send to another receptor and discarded.


A newer microdermabrasion facial treatment is known as the diamond tip microdermabrasion, in which we use a wand with a diamond tip that is passed over the skin. The procedure of this microdermabrasion facial treatment also uses the wand to exfoliate the particles and also remove them with the same wand. Using if this procedure is like using sandpaper.

Many people like the diamond tip microdermabrasion facial treatment there. No crystal is left in the face.  Moreover, it is safer, there is no chance of falling if any crystal in the eyes.

Both procedures are the same, which makes the skin more smooth and fresh.


Skin peel treatment is also another kind of facial treatment to solve many kinds of skin problems involving acne treatment, wrinkles, sunburn, including all kinds of problems.

Types of Skin Peel Treatment:

There are some types of skin peel treatment discussed as follows

  1. LIGHT SKIN PEEL: A light skin peel treatment works on the most outer layer of the skin. This light skin peel treatment includes the procedures of removing wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and sunburn dry skin. As it is light skin peel procedures one required this treatment after 2 to 5 weeks to maintain the skin.
  2. MEDIUM SKIN PEEL: Medium skin peel treatment is stronger than. The light one. This skin peel treatment is done on the outer and upper layers of the dermis. The skin peel treatment is used to remove the acne scars from the skin and to maintain the uneven skin tone.

3. DEEP SKIN PEEL: The deep skin peel treatment is used for maintaining deeper skin smith and healthy. In the deeper skin peel treatment, removal of the epidermis, along with the upper, middle layer of the dermis. The main concern if this skin peel treatment is used to remove deeper wrinkles, scars, and different kind of skin patches.

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