Types Of Anxiety Disorders

anxiety treatment

Anxiety is a common psychological order in current times. People around us often face the challenges related to the anxiety. Anxiety disorder can range from minor or mild symptoms to extreme ones. The things can be controlled before getting worse if you check for a proper anxiety treatment under the supervision of the best psychologists.

How to identify anxiety?

If there is a loved one around you suffering from anxiety or you think you have the disorder.  It is important to learn and identify the symptoms before contacting any specialized psychiatrist for a long term treatment.  The common symptoms exhibited during the anxiety disorder include

  • Extreme nervousness and restlessness
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Palpitation
  • Hyperventilation
  • Profound weakness and sweating
  • Concentration problem
  • Insomnia or similar sleeping problems
  • Problems with digestion
  • Unnecessary worries hovering over the mind
  • Staying away from things that you perceive are causing anxiety

Types of anxiety disorder

The psychologists before initiating the right anxiety treatment in sydney make sure that they identify the types of the disorder. Based on the different symptoms and signs the anxiety disorder is classified into

  1. Agoraphobia is the fear of the situations that can possibly cause anxiety and panic. Under these situations the individual feels helpless and embarrassed.
  2. Medical anxiety happens to occur due to some long prevailing medical history or ailment. The sufferer feels that he is in the state of panic just because of some medical problem.
  3. Generalized anxiety disorder is a broad term anxiety disorder that can last for several years. In this condition the patient feels threatened even by the most common daily routine events.  The situation sometimes becomes so severe that it is hard to control the circumstances and impacts the physical health too. It happens parallel to the other disorders like depression.
  4. Panic disorder is the most common kind of anxiety disorder. The milder attacks can last for few minutes while the severe ones can take several weeks to go away. The patient finds it hard to breathe followed by problems associated with the cardiac health too.
  5. Selective mutism is a child related anxiety disorder. The anxiety treatment for this disorder needs the support of the family members and the friends. The child suffering from such disorder become introvert and feel bad while talking about their emotions and feelings.
  6. Separation anxiety disorder is an also childhood disorder that is witnessed in the children with parted families.
  7. Social anxiety disorder is the kind of anxiety that arises out of the fear of social attitudes. The patient feels insecure in the social set up and tries to avoid mixing up with people.
  8. Phobias are the fear of the unknown. The person fears without knowing why he fears. Severe conditions may witness panic attacks.
  9. Induced anxiety happens due to the administration of the certain chemicals or medicines. The impact is lost as soon as the effect of the drug goes away.