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Comparison Between A CV And Resume

It is the habitual tendency of human beings that they introduce themselves to the next person so that they both get to know each other. This personal introduction obviously gets professional when you are applying for any job. Basically, our lives are given such a direction that we would be able to get a job after completing the necessary education. We have seen that every year thousands of candidates apply for the limited number of jobs among which most of them have almost similar education and skills however, only some of them gets selected for the job while rest continues their quest for other jobs. The reason for this is that the candidates who get selected have put forward their experiences, their education, their achievements and their skills in the best of ways possible. All this course of life is put in the form of document and is presented to the companies and then these companies select the candidates with the best documents and further interview them for particular job. These documents which contain all the information regarding the course of life are known as CVS from NZ and resume. In this article, we will be comparing a CV with a resume. 


Basically, CV is the abbreviation for curriculum vitae which is the Latin originated word and has the meaning of “course of life”. There are various formats of curriculum vitas like chronological, functional and on. A CV can be prepared for the academic purposes as well as for professional reasons. It is basically the overview of person’s education, his working experiences, the achievements he has attained, the skills that he posses and other such information that might help him in getting the position in which he is applying for. A CV is slightly extensive as it perfectly elaborates your course of life. CV plays a deciding factor as a first step for your professional life.


Even though resume and CV are similar in so many ways but there still exists few minute differences between them which distinguishes them from one another.  A resume is only made for job application and not for academic purposes. Moreover, resume is written in a summary form and has a set limit that cannot be exceeded which is the main distinguishing factor between a resume and a CV. Besides these, CV and resume are same in so many ways like both of them contains the information regarding person’s education, his working experience and other such necessary things.


A CV is the abbreviation used for curriculum vitae which stands for the course of life.  A CV is the kind of document that inculcates the entire necessary information regarding person’s education, his working experience; his skills and his achievements. Resume and CV are similar in so many ways but there also exists few differences between them. “CV Express” is the specialists in writing the perfect CV and résumé for your job application that perfectly describes you and your achievements.